Wheelchairs and mobility scooters help patients with mobility. Wheelchairs may be either manually pushed by the patient him-/herself or an aide, or with the help of electricity. Electric wheelchairs and scooters are recommended for patients with significant mobility/balance impairment.

All wheelchairs are measured and fitted to the individual client’s needs by an expert. A wheelchair –like a car– has to be purchased by a person with a specific need for a specific purpose. At Meintjes and Neethling we strive to meet your needs. Our professional staff understand the possibilities of our products and match them to your personal needs. With that in mind, we recommend buying a wheelchair from a specialist like Meintjes and Neethling so that you can receive in-house servicing and the option of reimbursing costs through your medical aid. We offer:

Aluminium Econo

Aluminium Econo Wheel Chairs
  • Sizes: 12" – 20"
  • Upholstery: nylon, washable, reinforced breathable material
  • Capacity: up to 100kgs
  • Best used indoors and for short distances
  • Short term use
  • Porter chair

Comfort Embrace

Comfort Embrace Wheel Chair
  • Sizes: 16", 18" & 20"
  • Upholstery: high quality nylon
  • Capacity: 80-110kg
  • Full aluminium folding chair with a double cross bar design
  • Quick release back wheel
  • Convenient for travelling
  • For moderate to high activity patient

Comfort electric

Comfort electric Wheel Chair
  • Sizes:16" & 18"
  • Capacity: 120kg
  • Height adjustable armrests that can flip-backwards
  • Detachable and swing away footrest
  • Ideal for bilateral amputees and quadriplegic patients


Flo-tech Cushions

Flo-tech Cushions
Upholstery: dual layer for ultimate protection and comfort (fluid and foam). This type of cushion is ideal for long term use and patients with a high risk of skin breakdown. It provides comfort and improves the patient’s posture while sitting.

Flo-tech Contour Visco

Meintjes and Neethling
  • Heavy, taller patients
  • Temperature sensitive foam to conform
  • Cover is two-way stretch, water resistant and vapour-permeable

Flo-tech Lite Visco

Meintjes and Neethling
  • Carries up to 100kg
  • Low profile
  • Temperature sensitive foam to conform
  • Cover is two-way stretch, water resistant and vapour-permeable

Flo-tech Solution

Meintjes and Neethling
  • Carries up to 140kg
  • Dual layer cushion for extra comfort
  • Superior level of protection
  • Cover is two-way stretch, water resistant and vapour-permeable


Bathtub Safety bar

NURSING AIDS: Bathtub Safety bar
This rail is used at the bath side and provides the patient with confidence and stability when getting in and out of the bath. It has a powder coated finish and attaches to side of the rail.

Raised toilet seat non-adjustable

NURSING AIDS: Raised toilet seat non-adjustable
Our raised toilet seats are easy to fit, fits most toilets and easy to clean.

Raised toilet seat –Adjustable

NURSING AIDS: Raised toilet seat –Adjustable
Maximum load 275 kg, 5 support alloy brackets, easy to clean, fits all toilets and gives comfortable seating.

Grab Rails

Grab rails are used all over the house to give the patient a stable grip. It is especially used for getting in and out of the bath/shower, getting up from a seated position or to balance a patient in a long corridor. The grab rails come in different lengths (12", 16", 24", and 32") and angles.


Utensil kit

NURSING AIDS: Utensil kit
The utensil kit is used when a patient has restricted wrist and/or finger movement. The fork and spoon can be bent to provide better angles to cater for the patient’s needs.

Plastic plate guard

NURSING AIDS: Plastic plate guard
The plate guard fits around the rim of around plate between 200-300mm. This edge prevents the food to be pushed off the plate; it is useful for upper extremity amputees and patients suffering from a CVI and children with cerebral palsy.

Tablet Crusher

NURSING AIDS: Tablet Crusher
Suitable for carrying in pocket, easy to clean, tablet store compartment in lid and grind mill for tablets.

Tablet Splitter

NURSING AIDS: Tablet Splitter
The front tray is used for storage of tablets. The holder with blade dived tablet in half for small dosages or easier swallowing of tablets.

Standard drinking cup

Meintjes and Neethling
The standard drinking cup has a long mouth piece which makes easier to hold when drinking, it holds 250ml and is dishwasher safe.

Kettle Pourer

Kettle Pourer
This is a wire frame designed to hold a kettle at a slanted angle. With gentle pressure, on the handle the water can be poured into the cup. The kettle is secured by a strap.

4 wheel walker

4 wheel walker
  • Folds for easy storage and height adjustable
  • Lightweight with hand brakes
  • The 4 wheel walker has a padded seat and basket for storage
  • 3 wheel walkers are also available.